The New Mexico Botanist Newsletter

The New Mexico Botanist is a newsletter to help make information about the flora of New Mexico readily available to the botanists of the state. The newsletter focuses on floristic and taxonomic information of interest to the botanists of the state, such as new state records, nomenclatural explanations, taxonomic summaries, reports of inventories, information about threatened and endangered species, reports of meetings and conferences, and the like. Numbers 1-59 were joint contributions from the Range Science Herbarium (NMCR) and the Cooperative Extension Service of New Mexico State University, with several notes, columns, or articles per issue. Numbers 60 onward emanate solely from the editor, Kelly Allred, and will contain a single article per issue. Submissions will be reviewed by the editor, who may ask for minor changes or for further outside reviews or comments. Articles containing taxonomic or nomenclatural novelties will not be accepted – please send these to more formal botanical journals. Submissions and requests to be placed on the emailing list may be sent to An archive of all issues is available below.

Special Issues: Proceedings of the “Natural History of the Gila” Symposium

Regular Issues

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